CPD points for participating in HealthPathways

Work with HealthPathways can be counted as a small group learning (SGL) cycle, earning participants 40 category 1 points. This will also satisfy the mandatory requirement to complete a quality improvement activity for the triennium.

Applying for CPD points for participation in HealthPathways is optional. We will organise the clinical work groups but will not coordinate the CPD points. CPD administration is the responsibility of the general practitioners.

Criteria of a SGL cycle

  • Planning meeting
  • A minimum of 6 hours of meeting attendance
  • Review meeting
  • Maximum of 12 participants and at least 2 general practitioners
  • The cycle may be completed over a short period, but may also span over the 3 years of the triennium

Group quality improvement reflection

A response to quality improvement questions is required when submitting the online application for CPD points. Consider these questions during the planning meeting, and use the review meeting to develop an agreed group response:

  • What changes did you implement in your practice as a result of this activity?
  • How did you monitor these changes?
  • What evaluation process do you use to measure these changes?

Learning outcomes

The group is prompted to list 3 to 5 learning outcomes they want to take back to practice as a result of the activity, with at least one that addresses a systems based patient safety focus.

Learning outcomes are specific and measurable/observable and use action words (verbs) to describe what the participants will be able to do as a result of the education activity.


The lead general practitioner will be responsible for ensuring adequate record keeping and submitting it with the SGL application form.

Application for points

At the completion of the SGL cycle, one general practitioner member of the group must lodge the SGL submission online. This involves entering all participating participant's surnames and RACGP numbers, as well as other information including the quality improvement responses.

Points added to records instantly.

Download CPD points info (PDF).