Using the Pathways report

The Pathways report shows the pathways we are currently working on. 

Filter the list to find a clinical stream or look for a specific pathway

1) Type into the white boxes at the top of the report.

2) Now hit enter and the report will refine, e.g. as below searching for asthma. Whether searching for a pathway or a clinical stream, the search terms must match (i.e. "cardio" will not work for "cardiology"). 

3) Advanced search: using both searches at once will refine to both terms, e.g. "cardiology" and "heart" would only return cardiology pathways which have the word 'heart' in the title.

Understanding statuses and stages

Statuses include localising, under development (new pathway) or complete. Stages and the matching percentages refer to the drafting process – a 1st draft shows as 50% while complete shows as 100%. Note that these stages are not indicative of time or effort, but of the drafting stage.